WaterDotLab is a Hackerfarm Project to set up a rural water monitoring training lab and curriculum. Rural water installations can see huge benefits from even simple monitoring solutions since they are often located in areas that are difficult to traverse and thus cannot be easily monitored on a constant basis. When the installations break down, the local community suffers but it often goes unreported and not repaired. Simple monitoring can alert people when there is a problem in the installation and the decision on when to dispatch maintenance or spare parts can be made.

Rural water is challenging because it doesn’t have the budgets that urban water projects get and must get by on very limited resources. These projects are often located in areas where there is no energy infrastructure and often no communications infrastructure as well. Dealing with budget limitations, little to no electricity present, and little to no communications available results in challenging issues for setting up and monitoring rural water installations.

This page is the central page for the Hackerfarm WaterDotLab project and will be the portal to the information base that we accumulate as this project progresses.