Space Guidelines

Hackerfarm has the following places: hackerspace, residency & Teahouse. 

Anyone who uses a space is responsible for looking after it. Below are the usage guidelines.

*The Lab is Freaklab’s private office. Please don’t enter.


  • Leave the space how you found it. For example, put back chairs and tables to original positions.
  • Don’t take equipment out of its space. (Hackerspace equipment stays in the Hackerspace, TeaHouse equipment stays in TeaHouse, residency equipment stays in the residency).
  • If you need to take equipment out of its space, see Guideline 2.
  • If you still need to take equipment out of its space, message the Hackerfarm thread with what you’re taking, why you need to take it, and when you’re going to return it. When you return, post to the thread it’s been returned.
  • Please buy your own project materials. 
  • Don’t assume equipment and materials that isn’t yours is available for use. Until the community resources are clearly labelled, post to the Hackerfarm thread before taking or using anything in the space for personal projects, and don’t take resources from other spaces.
  • In each space, keep personal equipment or items in a box with your name on it, and label your personal tools. There is a labeller inside the hackerspace next to the door.
  • At the Hackerspace and residency, move conversations or bbqs indoors after 9pm. The neighbours sleep early.
  • No asshole policy: Everyone needs to feel safe at hackerfarm. If anybody harasses anyone else at a hackerfarm event or location, they will be asked to leave. If it continues, they will be banned.



  • Do woodworking or cutting outside until we move it to Greenhouse. The dust particles get into the t-shirt printing press, sewing machines and badge maker.
  • Until we’ve separated Freaklabs and people’s personal stuff from the Hackerspace common parts, please ask before using parts, components, materials.
    • [AKIBA] Sorry. I will move my stuff to one area later so its not confusing
  • If you haven’t used equipment before (eg. laser cutter, t-shirt printer), someone who has needs to be there.



Please check the booklet in the residency space, and don’t hesitate to ask if there’s any questions. We’ll also check in with you to see what’s working / not working, and how we can make it better.