Moving In

Moving Into Ooyama

Kamogawa sprawls across the peninsula and is divided into districts; Hackerfarm is part of Oyama. Within Oyama are several villages: Kozuka, Hiratsuka, and more. Hackerfarm is located in Kozuka and several members live in Hiratsuka.

Each village has a citizens’ group called a kumi. The kumi meets to set local rules, maintain shared property, and organise community events. You may or may not join your kumi; it’s an obligation so as a newcomer, you might want to wait and see.


If you’re moving here, you’ll need to get the utilities and other services turned on in your name. Here are the places and people to call.

TEPCO Kisarazu 東京電力株式会社 木更津支社 カスタマーセンター
Moving In and Changing the Contract: 0120-99-5551
Other transactions: 0120-99-5552

Kawakami Sekiyu 川上石油
Norihiko Kawakami: 04-7098-1131

NTT Finance NTTファイナンス
Contact: 0800-3330111

Takanashi IT Factory, Ltd. 高梨ITファクトリー
Shinobu Takanashi: 090-4743-8675

Kamogawa Waterworks 鴨川市水道局
04-7093-1000 (8:30-17:15)

Night Soil Collection
Kamogawa-shi Eisei Center 鴨川市衛生センター
Contact: 04-7092-1009

City Registrations

When you move to Kamogawa, you need to register at the city office within 14 days of moving in.  You’ll need to bring your residence card, certificate of leaving your old location, passport, and inkan. The office is open on weekdays only (and closed on some Mondays). Details in Japanese here:


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