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Garbage collection is a major topic of local rules and customs. Neighbors may complain if you get it wrong. If you’re new to Japan, we advise you pay attention and get it right; soon it will become habit. If you’ve been here a while, we advise you pay attention and get it right; soon it will become habit.

This is a summary of the deep level of detail you’ll need to know. Take your time and visit the official Kamogawa City Garbage Sorting and Collection Information website.



Ask your landlord or the head of the village to find out where you can dump your garbage. You may need special permission as all garbage sites are maintained by official paying members of the village (kumi).



Each kind of trash has a different collection day. Burnables are collected weekly, other types twice monthly. Trash must be at the pickup point by 8:30 am.

You can download the annual calendar or get a copy of the “Garbage Collection Schedule” and other information at the Kamogawa City Hall.



Sort your trash into specially purchased bags; their price includes the garbage collection fee/tax. Other bags are not accepted. Trash bags are available at groceries and home centers like Sushiya, Odoya, Komeri, Beisia, and Cainz Home.

  • Burnables, orange bag: food waste, plastics, paper – in the same bag
  • Non-burnables, transparent with yellow writing: metal, broken glass, ceramics, small electronics – in separate bags
  • Recyclables, transparent with green writing: glass bottles, cans, PET bottles, batteries, newspapers, old clothing/fabrics, styrofoam – all in separate bags.


The full details of exactly what and how to separate are listed in Japanese on this charming brochure: Front gomibunbetu.omote and Back gomibunbetu.ura

Sodai Gomi (Large Objects)

If you have large size garbage, like furniture, appliances,etc, you can either call for collection, or take it to the center yourself / 粗大ゴミがある場合は電話で引き取りに来てもらうか、自分で持ち込むことが可能:

Garbage Collection
Kamogawa Seiso Center ゴミ収集:鴨川清掃センター
Contact: 04-7093-5300

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