Membership Overview 

Active Members

  • Nomination by a Board member
  • Voted on by the Board
  • Fee based admission approved by Board on a case-by-case basis
  • Use tools in accordance to usage guidelines.
  • Use the common supplies as outlined in the tools usage guidelines
  • Use the Hackerfarm facilities including the hackerspace, residency, and Teahouse according to the guidelines.
  • Organize BBQs, workshops, and other events at Hackerfarm.
  • Active members who live further away can stay at the Hackerfarm residency on case-by-case basis
  • Bring guests
  • Keep the tools and spaces usable, and clean and returned to the right spot after use.
  • No removal of equipment
  • Report any damage
  • Contribute to Hackerfarm within their means (workshops, grass cutting, maintenance, skill sharing, tools, etc)
  • Ensure their guests understand and respect Hackerfarm’s behavioural, space, and tool guidelines

If an active member continually disregards Hackerfarm behavioural, tools and space guidelines, the Board can revoke their membership by a majority vote.



  • Invited by a member
  • Unknown guests approved by the Board
  • Use of Hackerfarm facilities and tools in the presence of their inviting member
  • Stay at Hackerfarm’s residency
  • Abide by Hackerfarm’s behavioural, space and tools usage guidelines
  • Keep the tools and spaces usable, and clean and in the right spot after use
  • No removal of equipment
  • Report any damage


Board Members

  • Set direction and frameworks
  • Manage Hackerfarm’s finances and administrative work
  • Vote on the bylaws and officers
  • Participate in the annual board meetings
  • Manage members and guests
  • Manage the spaces
  • Manage tools and equipment
  • Manage the schedules
  • Organize events
  • Participate in financing Hackerfarm through consulting, hackerfarm product development and delivery, webshop maintenance and other ways.