Hackerfarm Behavior Guidelines

Hackerfarm is made up of different people. We may have different ideas, values and beliefs, or disagree with each other about something but let’s treat everyone with respect.

These are the behaviour guidelines. Noriko and Akiba are points of contact to raise any issues confidentially.

  • No insults, no belittling. This includes insults, jokes or innuendos about gender, sexual orientation, physical appearance, skills or capabilities, cultural background or ethnicity.
  • No threats. This includes verbal or physical intimidation.
  • Don’t tell other people what to do. You may ask them politely but everyone at hackerfarm has a choice and it’s up to them whether they do it or not.
  • Don’t talk over people. This includes interrupting while someone else is talking or hijacking a conversation and directing it to what you want to talk about. Conversation is how we communicate and understand each other and we consider it very important.
  • Address any issues, concerns or problems with the person directly and honestly, in good faith, unless it’s unsafe to do so. In that case, please contact Akiba or Noriko who can take appropriate measures and escalate it to management if necessary.
  • You’re responsible for anyone you bring or invite. If you invite someone, you’re responsible for making sure they respect the guidelines.
  • If you or a guest can’t abide by the rules, you and/or your guest will be asked to leave.