Getting to Hackerfarm

If you haven’t already, check out the Visiting Us page.  Now that you’re coming, here’s how to get here.

You can find find Hackerfarm on google Maps here:

By Bus

Bus is the fastest and cheapest way to get to Hackerfarm. It actually takes you to a nearby bus stop called Highway Oasis Furari. You’ll need to be picked up from there so arrange it with us beforehand so we can let you know if we can pick you up or not.

The bus is called the “Nanohana” bus to Tateyama city. You can board the bus from Tokyo or Shinjuku bus terminals and it takes approximately 1.5 hours. The schedule can be found here.

It costs approximately 2450 yen.

By Train

  • From Tokyo station, take the Wakashio Express train to Awa-Kamogawa station. The platform is about a 15 minute walk from the other common Tokyo platforms so budget your time accordingly. It runs approximately once per two hours.
  • From Awa-Kamogawa station, take the local bus to Kozuka bus stop. If you ask at the bus station, they will guide you to the bus. The bus only runs once every two hours or so also. Let us know and we’ll send you the latest bus schedule. The timetable changes twice per year.
  • Message us when you arrive at Kozuka and we’ll walk down and get you.