Awamoney Meeting and Satoyama Singers

Recently I had the great pleasure to attend my first Awamoney meeting. Awamoney is a local currency used in the Ooyama area around hackerfarm to promote local economy and community support. It’s a trade and barter currency and facilitates many exchanges. There’s a really great community around it and they have periodic meetings to discuss Awamoney and the local community.
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Hackerfarm on the Muji blog


Hackerfarm was recently featured on the Muji blog discussing local community revitalization. One of the writers came here to talk to us and see what we were up to. He seemed to be surprised that there was a pocket of technical people hanging out in the countryside in Kamogawa. He was really cool and we talked a long time about art, technology, agriculture, and community. The blog post is in Japanese and it has some really great pictures.


Beach Work Fridays


One of the smartest projects initiated this summer is Beach Work Fridays. We all head east to Maebara Beach at Kamogawa and spend the day “working from beach” which is a nice change from working from home/lab/farm.  Some of us actually get working at our laptops, but mostly we talk, plan, and enjoy the scene (and some wine).