Hackerfarm Shenzhen Tour 2017 – The Arrival

Sunday started off the 2nd Annual Hackerfarm Shenzhen Tour, Day 0. This is the day when everybody is scheduled to arrive. The logistics were tough but we believed we had it worked out. Everyone was booked on the same flight on Vanilla Air from Tokyo to Hong Kong and had everything gone okay, it would have been a smooth transition to get everyone across the border and into Shenzhen to the hotel. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be.

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Hackerfarm e-Commerce Meetup

Here at hackerfarm, a number of people have inquired about setting up webshops and making money online. We’ve decided to do a monthly e-Commerce meetup where we do hands on workshops on setting up Amazon seller accounts, Yahoo auction accounts, and webshops. We also discuss the topics that don’t get as much attention such as payment gateways, merchant accounts, company organization, product sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, logistics, and marketing.
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