Who’s Who

Hackerfarm’s a big collective of people who come and go, collaborate, and sometimes live here permanently. Here are some of the names you’re likely to hear around here:


Akiba. He’s the man who runs the show, lives at Hackerfarm and encourages everyone to do interesting things. Akiba does hardware and travels all over the planet.

Chris & Elli. They moved to Kamogawa years before everyone else. Without them we’d know nothing. Chris is a geek and translator. Elli is a bellydance goddess.

Yves & Noriko. Escaped the Tokyo rat race in early 2015 with his family. Works remotely for a French startup. Makes drones and plays RPGs in his spare time.

Masa. He moved to Kamogawa in August 2015 after a year of weekend commutes. He’s a good mechanic as well as hacking software.

Tod & Tink. The most recent transplants arrived in October 2015 and are using Kamogawa as a home base to follow their dreams. Tod’s a network guru and Tink does circus.

Frequent Collaborators

  • Halfdan (Digital Garage) works on TechRice
  • Miyo does design and e-commerce collaborations
  • Nadia shared her French cuisine with the community in 2015

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