Visiting Here

You are welcome to visit and stay at Hackerfarm’s guest house if you’re collaborating on a project with us,  or to work on your own projects if you’ve pre-arranged it with us. Otherwise, here is our policy on visitations:


We have a general Open House on the last weekend of the month where people can visit, meet, hang out, eat together, and check out what’s going on at Hackerfarm. If you want to see who we are and what’s going on here, we highly recommend you visit during the Open House. Otherwise, we get quite a few visitation requests which can get disruptive to our project and work schedules. Visits outside of Open House are by prior appointment only.

Short Term Stays

Short term stays are by appointment and generally coincide with the Open House on the last weekend of the month. Exceptions are for people or groups with prior projects or collaborations with us, or who have been approved to visit outside of Open House beforehand.


You may apply for a longer stay if we are collaborating on a project, or you are working on your own project. We generally favour residencies for people working on projects that are related to what we’re doing, and where both groups are keen to share knowledge and skills, and learn from each other. Projects don’t have to be tech related. Residencies of up to three months can be accommodated. If you want to stay longer than three months, we’ll help you find a place to live.


There are no set fees at this time but we welcome your donations to help cover costs. For meals and consumerables (toilet paper etc), please cater for yourself and pitch in for community bbqs, drinks and other shared food. If you lend a hand to chores and tasks, that would be appreciated.

How to Reserve

Mail, Skype, text, Facebook or otherwise get in touch with Akiba or us here.

What to Bring

There is bedding for 3-4 people. In case of crowded nights, bringing a sleeping bag and bath towel would be useful. Bring your own toiletries.

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  1. Akiba, Greetings – hope you are well – After almost 3 years in Taiwan, I am planning a month long journey to Japan as soon as it becomes feasible, maybe before the end of this year or beginning next, I was in Japan only for one week and would like to take a deeper look around before moving away from the region. My main goal is to spend time to experience AINU culture there, do you have any contacts? I d like to travel around and visit Hackerfarm, maybe spend a few days there if possible. During my stay I d like to spend time learning basic facts about chibiarduino so that when I travel to remote areas during my travels I can gift a few units and put them to work (If I understand what it is for and how to use it) I would also be available to teach some workshops on whatever may be on demand by whoever is around for my portfolio of skillshare options (still unpublished) . FYI In recent years I have worked on AI and systems neuroscience, joined the Taiwan NS society, given some talks on neuroethics and joined IGDORE and Ronin Institute as Research scholar, Ronin culture comes from Japan, so I d be going back to my roots there.

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