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You can find find Hackerfarm on gMaps here:


Hackerfarm is in the inland part of Chiba’s southern tip, in the Kouzuka neighborhoood of Kamogawa city. There are a many ways to get here from Tokyo: drive directly via the Aqualine; catch a bus or train to Awa-Kamogawa station on the Pacific coast; or take the bus, train, or ferry to one of the points on the west coast of the peninsula.

Be aware that the local bus from Awa-Kamogawa station runs infrequently and ends in early evening. Calculate your route based on its timings or you may end up waiting a long time. There’s a beachside cafe, Nonkeys Cafe, which makes the wait less troublesome.


Local Nitto bus:
Akushi-go bus:
JR Bus from Shinjuku or Tokyo stations to Highway Oasis Furari:
Haneda bus:
Tokyo Wan Ferry:
Train search:

Recommended Route

This is the recommended route if you’re coming to hackerfarm from Tokyo and you don’t have a car.

  1. From Tokyo station, take the Express Train Wakashio Line to Awa-Kamogawa station. You have to walk about 1 km from the JR Yamanote line to reach the platform so allow yourself ample time. The bus runs approximately every 1-2 hours and takes 2 hours to arrive at Awa-Kamogawa station.
  2.  Take the local bus to Kozuka Eki. It’s the Nagasa-Kanaya Bus run by Kamagawa Nitto Bus
    Hackerfarm stop is Kozuka Eki (金束駅)
    It’s about 25 minutes on the bus from Awa-Kamogawa or the Ferry
  3. Message us when you arrive at Kozuka Eki and one of us will go and get you.

Public Transportation Details


Nagasa-Kanaya Bus run by Kamagawa Nitto Bus
Hackerfarm stop is Kozuka Eki (金束駅)
It’s about 25 minutes on the bus from Awa-Kamogawa or the Ferry
Schedule (PDF):


Tokyo to/From Awa-Kamogawa

by BUS
Akushi-go アクシー号
Cost: 2450 yen
Journey: ~130 minutes


Convenient Timings (8/2015)
Depart Tokyo Station Yaesu Bus Terminal 東京駅八重洲口

  • 08:20 bus arrives at 10:27 to catch the 11:05 local bus
  • 09:15 bus arrives at 11:18 to catch the 12:05 local bus
  • 11:50 bus arrives at 13:53 to catch the 14:15 local bus (weekdays only)
  • 13:00 bus arrives at 15:03 to catch the 15:20 local bus

Depart Awa-Kamogawa Station Terminal

  • 07:10 local bus to catch the 07:50 arriving in Tokyo at 10:03
  • 10:10 local bus to catch the 11:00 arriving in Tokyo at 13:08
  • 14:10 local bus to catch the 15:10 arriving in Tokyo at 18:23
  • 18:52 local bus to catch the 20:40 arriving in Tokyo at 22:48 LAST BUS!

Express train Wakashio わかしお
Cost: ~3600 yen
Journey: ~115 minutes

Regular Train
Cost: ~2300 yen
Journey: ~270 minutes

Check your favorite travel app for exact trip times. We like Jorudan Norikae.

Kurihama to/from Ferry Terminal at Kanaya

Tokyo Wan Ferry
Cost: 720 yen (extra charges for cars and motorbikes)
Journey: ~40 minutes
Check the sailing conditions and schedule:

Convenient Timings (8/2015)
8:20 ferry , then 9:40 local bus
12:10 ferry, then 13:40 local bus
15:25 ferry, then 16:40 local bus


For those who are driving, you can also take your car on the ferry from Kurihama.

Kamogawa to Tokyo Station via BUS
Drive to Highway Oasis Furari; park for free. Then take the Nanohana bus to Tokyo Station. Buses run every 30 minutes or so.
Journey: ~90 minutes

Drive via Aqua-Line
The drive from Tokyo is about 2 hours via the Aqua Line, the country’s longest tunnel-bridge combination. Tolls on the Aqua Line vary depending on vehicle size and travel date.

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