About Us

Hackerfarm is a place and its people, too.

The place is located in rural Japan, about two hours east of Tokyo on the Boso peninsula.  It’s a cluster of buildings, a lot of shared tools, and a beautiful country setting.

The people are a collection of Japanese and foreign tech hackers who’ve escaped from city life. We’re working together on projects, making life richer for ourselves and for the community who have adopted us.


  1. Hey, looks cool! I would like to meet you guys sometime…!
    I have been trying to start up a hacker space around here for a while!
    Found some empty farms available for rent for about 5000 yen per
    month…way out on the Shonai Hanto…
    about 700 tsubo…small house and barn…

    Funny, we are all rural hackers out here in Kagawa,

    ever heard of the Kosen Robocon?
    It is summer vacation and half of my students are still on
    campus 11 hours per day…

    was really cool to see your post on Hack-a-Day…

    1. Hi Robert. Thanks for the kind words and keep us posted on how things go with your hackerspace. If we’re ever out in Kagawa, it would be cool to hang out 🙂

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