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HackerFarm is people, places, projects, and events.


We are a collection of people who’ve escaped city life to live in the countryside. Out here we have more space, time, and access to tools, knowledge, networks, and opportunities that allows us to work on interesting projects.

We come from different backgrounds and have different interests including farming, food, technology, writing, art, performing, and manufacturing. What we have in common is that we like to create, build, take things apart, learn,  and share.




This is where people stay whilst they’re here to work on personal or HackerFarm projects. We also do lots of homestead hacking.



This is our digital fabrication place. We have various equipment including a laser cutter, drill press, T-shirt printer, badge maker, and sewing station. We’ll be adding more equipment and stations as we go, such as a CNC machine,  and a lapidary and jewellery section.


Mad Cherry Growing Plot

This is our farm plot where grow vegetables and play around with different growing techniques (fresh, homegrown fruit and vegetables are tastier).



The TeaHouse is the place where we hang out, come up with ideas, design, write, and plan projects. It’s also where we hold smaller workshops, screenings, food and drink tastings, and cook. It has a professional food smoker, professional oven, gas stove, and a selection of tea. 



HBO is another residency place. It’s also where we do our ‘heavy’ fabrication such as welding, carpentry and clay work. We also host workshops and harvest parties here.


We work on various projects such as FarmLab where we experiment with different growing techniques and develop open source hardware for indie farmers, water level and pressure sensor monitoring, water sanitation monitoring, boar trap monitoring, Tech Rice, educational curriculums for manufacturing and publishing, growing duckweed, plus various storytelling, design, clothing and printing projects.

We try to keep our project pages updated but if there’s a project you’re interested in learning more about, feel free to contact us.

Check out our projects here


We get together regularly for small bbqs, board game and philosophy nights, whisky tastings, building and maintenance days, planting, cooking and harvest parties.

We also run repair, hardware, programming, writing and other workshops out here and in Tokyo. We host various Meets Ups including the Business, Agricultural and Technology, Maker Pro Design and Manufacturing, and Printing and Publishing Meetups.

Each year, we have the HackerFarm Shenzhen and Mexico trips, and in 2018 we’re hosting HackerFarm’s first Mini Writers’ Retreat and Games Carnival.

Check out our upcoming events here


  1. Hey, looks cool! I would like to meet you guys sometime…!
    I have been trying to start up a hacker space around here for a while!
    Found some empty farms available for rent for about 5000 yen per
    month…way out on the Shonai Hanto…
    about 700 tsubo…small house and barn…

    Funny, we are all rural hackers out here in Kagawa,

    ever heard of the Kosen Robocon?
    It is summer vacation and half of my students are still on
    campus 11 hours per day…

    was really cool to see your post on Hack-a-Day…

    1. Hi Robert. Thanks for the kind words and keep us posted on how things go with your hackerspace. If we’re ever out in Kagawa, it would be cool to hang out 🙂

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