Announcing, a Discussion Forum for the Covid-19 Situation in Japan

akiba 2020-04-13

As the pandemic situation in Japan intensifies, we’ve decided to set up a separate website to house a discussion forum specifically for Japan. This website is (hopefully) temporary but will allow people to have conversations around the Covid-19 situation specific to Japan and the follow-on effects in its wake.

Based on our previous experience dealing with the 3/11 tsunami and nuclear crisis, later turning into the co-founding of Safecast, as well as the typhoon disasters that happened last year, the single most important thing we could do was to organize people. We believe this situation is the same. Organizing, creating information networks and collaborations, and putting the right people in contact with each other are ways we believe can help the situation. We’re hoping the discussion board can be a central place we can communicate and organize to have the most impact on the situation.

We’ll be continuing to add links and resources to the discussion forum, as well as discussing and participating in the discussions that occur. If there are any improvements that can be made, please feel free to make suggestions on the board as well. You can find it at the link below:


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