Hackerfarm 2017 Bounenkai

akiba 2017-12-17

It’s the end of a crazy year at Hackerfarm that saw a lot of great changes. I’ll write a separate post about that later since it’s quite exciting, but before that, it’s bounenkai season!

Japan bounenkai are the Japanese version of the end of the year parties, but the meaning is a bit deeper than that. They’re a celebration of the year and the last chance to say goodbye to the year with all of your friends, colleagues, or in our case, hackerfarm members. It’s also a chance to say goodbye to any troubles you’ve had in the past year so you can start the next year fresh and new.

For our bounenkai, rather than meet at a restaurant, we decided to have a BBQ in freezing winter weather at our cafe. The party went rather late into the night and for Jacinta and I, we had splitting hangovers the next day. But next year is going to be the start of an extremely exciting year at Hackerfarm. Can’t wait to talk more on it 🙂

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