HackerFarm Rice Harvesting 2017

akiba 2017-09-03

For the fourth year in a row, Hackerfarm has participated in the rice growing program in our neighboring village, Kamanuma. It’s called the Owners Program and is designed to teach people how to grow rice in the traditional Japanese way. Everything is done by hand from the rice planting to the rice harvesting and participants get to learn the techniques needed to grow, maintain, and harvest a rice paddy. The final part of the process is processing the rice into what you see at stores and that’s done locally as well.

It’s hard work harvesting a rice paddy by hand but it’s also very grounding to know that you’re doing the same work people did for centuries in the same area. You also get to know the people you’re harvesting with quite well, and get a good workout to boot. Finally, when the harvesting is finished, we go back to hackerfarm for our other tradition, the annual post-harvest BBQ party 🙂

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