Hackerfarm Agriculture and Technology Meetup Vol 1 – FarmLab

akiba 2017-09-08

This was our first Hackerfarm Agriculture & Technology Meetup and also our first time recording the event. Only Jacinta and Adrian were mic’d so it’s hard to hear the rest of us when we speak. That said, it’s a big step forward and we’ll be archiving all our meetup talks and events. In the meantime, we’ll also be working to improve our recording setup, but we’re excited to be starting on capturing the media. With no further ado….

The Hackerfarm Agriculture & Technology Meetup, Volume 1 featured Jacinta and Adrian talking about FarmLab. In it, they introduce FarmLab, talk about its concept, how it was built, and what it will be moving forward.

FarmLab Intro: Here Jacinta and Adrian

  • Introduce FarmLab
  • The people behind it
  • How the farm plot was acquired
  • The key ideas

Building FarmLab

  • How they acquired a tractor
  • Learned how to use it
  • Acquired cow poop and other materials locally
  • Built the raised beds

FarmLab Planting:

  • Planting potatoes as the first crop
  • Lessons learned from potatoes
  • Building the raised beds
  • Figuring out the compost stack for the raised beds
  • Dealing with the raised beds being too successful

FarmLab Now and the Future:

  • Appropriate technology
  • Milpa (traditional Mexican corn planting)
  • Three Sisters (companion planting)
  • Crop rotation
  • Building Trellises
  • Harvesting
  • Technology (volume is low since Akiba wasn’t mic’d)

You can download the presentation files here (165MB)

Check out our Meetup page if you’re in Tokyo and are interested in agriculture and technology.

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