Hackerfarm Automated Irrigation Workshop

The Hackerfarm Automated Irrigation Workshop is the first workshop that’s come out of our “Agricultural Workshop” series. Workshops in this series are designed to teach some aspect of technology in the context of things that would be useful in an agricultural context. The Naiad system was designed specifically for this workshop. It’s a system that can control four water pumps, has a real time clock with alarm interrupt, waterproof temperature sensor, lithium-ion battery powered, and has a solar charge controller. It also fits into a weatherproof plastic enclosure for outdoor mounting. 

We recently had the chance to do a test run of the Automated Irrigation Workshop with our Naiad board at the recent Permaculture Convergence that was held at our cafe. The audience spanned a fairly wide spectrum but were generally non-technical and extremely knowledgeable in agriculture. We had a gentle introduction to Arduino to warm them up and then got into the meat of the workshop turning on and off the water pumps. We only had one hour to do the workshop so we couldn’t get too far, but we were able to give them a taste of what’s possible with automated irrigation. We’ll be rolling out the workshop to a wider audience later and will have all the materials online for people to follow along or work on their own.

You can check out the pics from the workshop and the hardware in the gallery.