Hackerfarm Shenzhen Tour Itinerary

I’m in Hong Kong now after a crazy few weeks of trying to get my schedule cleared out for the Hackerfarm Shenzhen Tour. I’ve put together the itinerary finally, however I’d also like to ask people to think to bring the following:

  • Images and artwork you might want on digitally printed canvas, oil painted prints, or custom fabrics
  • Samples of clothing or bags they might want custom made in various fabrics
  • Any electronic components they want to purchase in quantity
  • Any PCBs you are planning to make in quantity
  • It will be hot and rainy. Bring clothes and shoes you are comfortable walking in
  • Set up VPN before you get into China *important*
  • Bunnie’s book on Shenzhen if you have it

The itinerary will be as follows:


  • People arrive and we will be meeting them at HK International Airport for pickup
  • Check into City Inn Kexeguan Hotel
  • Take people to get SIM cards
  • Dinner at BBQ restaurant
  • Talk and orientation on Shenzhen basics over dinner and beers
  • Get mango slushies and foot massage


  • Meet up hotel lobby at 10:30 am
  • Go out for brunch and discussion about Hua Qiang Bei markets
  • Tour of Hua Qiang Bei market
    • Phone market and phone parts
    • SEG market
    • LED market
    • 3rd Floor Tools
    • Shippers Alley (intro to Suzy Shipper)
    • Security/Imaging device market
    • Battery market
    • Break at coffee shop behind SEG with bad Steve Jobs quote
  • Taxi to Dongmen Textile Market
  • Tour of Dongmen Textile Market
    • Fabrics
    • Accessories (buttons, lace, zippers, beads, etc…)
    • T-shirt iron-ons (easy to make total hipster t-shirts)
    • Custom rhinestone patterns (make your own blinged out t-shirts)
    • Kitchenware building (optional)
    • Custom bedding and bedding material (optional)
  • Dinner at BBQ place again
  • Meet up with Tully/Aqua over dinner and talk with them about manufacturing in Shenzhen and sourcing products


  • Meetup at 10 am hotel lobby
  • Grab breakfast
  • Go to Dafen Art Village
    • Oil painting prints
    • Get custom digital canvas prints (~$10/sq m of canvas)
    • Art supply shops
    • Custom oil painted designs
    • Sculpted designs
    • Custom framing
  • Go to South China Materials Market (bring your most comfortable walking shoes)
  • Place is big. Will likely split up and meet up again later
  • Place is separated into:
    • Plastics and chemicals
    • Paper and print publishing accessories
    • Textiles and accessories
    • Tools and industrial equipment
    • Creepy amusement park
    • Various other…
  • Go somewhere for a nice Chinese banquet dinner


  • Possibly reserve bus for this day
  • Factory tour of book and print factory Jinhao (tentative)
  • Factory tour of CNC machining factory for aluminum and steel machining (tentative)
  • Market tour of Depu Shajin Industrial Electronics market
    • Linear actuators
    • Ball screws
    • Stepper motors
    • Extruded aluminum
    • Etc….
  • Dinner and drinks at Coco Park and hang out in expat scene


  • This day is still tentative pending factory confirmations
  • Factory tour of cardboard printing, folding, cutting factory (tentative)
  • Factory tour of silicone molding factory (tentative)
  • Dinner at BBQ place
  • Go out for 3+ hour massage at night spa to celebrate ending of first hackerfarm shenzhen tour


  • Free day. Go back to any markets where you might want to get things.
  • If you don’t know how to get there, talk to me and I can try to help arrange travel there and back


  • (Optional) Hanging out in Dongguan
  • Meet up with Nancy and Daniel
  • Have them drop some knowledge on what its like living in Pearl River Delta for 12+ years
    • The stories are awesome, funny, and sometimes sad…
  • Microbrews and hanging out in old town Dongguan


  • (Optional) Go to Panyu and check out jewelry market and factory tour/s

That’s pretty much the itinerary summary for the first Hackerfarm Shenzhen Tour.
Good luck to everyone 🙂