Hackerfarm e-Commerce Meetup

Here at hackerfarm, a number of people have inquired about setting up webshops and making money online. We’ve decided to do a monthly e-Commerce meetup where we do hands on workshops on setting up Amazon seller accounts, Yahoo auction accounts, and webshops. We also discuss the topics that don’t get as much attention such as payment gateways, merchant accounts, company organization, product sourcing, manufacturing, shipping, logistics, and marketing.

The first meetup went well and everyone brought three products they wanted to sell in their webshop. We applied for a Shopify test account, set it up including adding the products into the system, set up the shipping options, added descriptions, and then talked about how to deal with the specifics of payment and shipping in Japan and internationally.
David gave a small talk on tabletop product photography and how he works with the sellers in Dharmsala, India to photograph their products. We’ll be meeting once a month and I’ll post the details of the next meetup soon.
2016-02-12 DSC07958