A Hackers Guide to Arts, Crafts, Food, and Music in Shenzhen

I recently wrote an article for Hackaday based on my experiences in Shenzhen, especially teaching the MIT Media Lab Manufacturing Bootcamp Course for the medialab students. This post has most of my favorite places to window shop and get ideas when I need to get away from the technology buzz around Hua Qiang Bei.

We’ll be organizing a hackerfarm trip to Shenzhen as part of the e-Commerce meetup series once we get to the point where people need to seriously understand how to source product. It will likely consist of trips to various markets including Hua Qiang Bei, as well as factory tours, and a trip to the South China Materials market. One possibility will be to have it coincide with the Canton Fair in autumn, but we’re not sure yet. Stay tuned to the site and we’ll be announcing when that comes up.