TechRice Meeting and Alternative LED Lighting

One of the ongoing projects at hackerfarm is TechRice, a project where we set up a wireless sensor network of rice fields and measure the water levels and weather parameters for each field. It’s quite an intense project since it spans low level hardware, short range wireless, cellular communications, database/web programming, and data visualization. There are currently four of us that are actively working on the project and will be rolling out a ten node sensor network this planting season. We’re currently managing the project and have weekly meetings to discuss status.

This is me & Yves at hackerfarm and Halfdan Rump in Tokyo discussing the project with our Yamaha conference call bar we fished out of a junk bin in Akihabara. It has an omnidirectional microphone and speaker array and is meant for long conference tables. Photo by David Huang, also part of the project.
2016-01-30 160130140622809_24724539095_o

After the meeting, David and I were working on putting together LED lighting inside aluminum rails so we can retrofit HBO (HeadBangers Onsen, our new guesthouse) with environmentally friendly lighting. We’ll be installing the lighting outdoors with a PIR sensor so that it will automatically turn on when people walk around outside. The aluminum rails were about $0.50/m and the LED tape is about $1/m. Not bad for some nice lighting 🙂

Building and testing the lighting with David and Jacinta
2016-01-30 160130161822844_24429010130_o

2016-01-30 160130150332837_24698326746_o

2016-01-30 160130164708850_24631031561_o

Unix, the hackerfarm cat, isn’t impressed
2016-01-30 160130164739857_24724537745_o